Founded in 1980 by educators, not technologists, Aztec has been in the business of improving adult and young adult lives through computerized skills remediation from its inception. With an industry-leading understanding of the way in which its student population learns using a computer, the company has expanded its product set beyond academic material and into all aspects of the transitioning worker’s retraining and survival.

Used throughout the country in community colleges, correctional facilities, one-stop centers, job corps centers, middle schools, and high schools, the Aztec Learning System has become an integral part of today’s complete educational curriculum.  Designed in a modular format, the system is deliverable on standalone PCs, local and wide area networks, or through the Internet.

The software prepares students for higher levels of education, improves job performance, provides alternative means of education for adults and non-traditional students, and ultimately helps people realize their potential and meet their educational goals. The Aztec Learning System uses LIFE SKILLS scenarios to generate an individual Education Plan designed to focus on each student’s needs.

The Complete Learning Series teaches basic education using work and life examples, giving the students excellent tools to use for future employment.  The multisensory approach of audio, graphics, and interactive screen design reinforces and enhances learning.  The courseware design enhances academics, prepares individuals for reentry, and provides work readiness skills. Meaningful application while using the computer as an interactive mode of learning makes the learning more interesting and memorable.

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