MACAE serves as an advocacy organization to help promote the importance of adult, alternative, community education and workforce training across the state of Michigan.  MACAE works to support local programs in their work and helps to highlights the intersection of education, community building and credentialing for program participants and their families.

MACAE is proud of the diversity of its membership and program participants.

Early Care and Education

Research confirms that the most formative years of brain development occurs in a child’s first three to five years. Children who participate in high quality early childhood programs are more likely to succeed in school and be contributing members of society later in life. The best investment we can make is to ensure every child in Michigan gets off to a healthy, safe and enriching start.

Alternative Education

Michigan’s alternative education programs are capable, effective and efficient. We provide a needed service to the most difficult to serve to ensure that they are not left behind. We recognize the need for high academic achievement. However, we continue to advocate for flexibility in the access and delivery for students who need alternative ways to achieve and succeed. Alternative Education programs provide this opportunity for thousands of students across the state, ensuring that the rigor of our curriculum is achieved with student engagement, determination, and preparation for their next steps in learning and career pathways.

Adult Education

An estimated 1.7 million Michigan adults fall below a ninth grade level for reading and math, disqualifying them from access to post-secondary education and job training. For these adults to be self-supporting, they must first have access to community-based adult education, literacy and ESL programs. Over the past 20 years, Michigan has continued to cut funding for programs that serve this population, while the need has skyrocketed due to fewer low-skilled, high paying manufacturing jobs and the increasing demand for a highly skilled workforce.

Career Technical Education

Supporting CTE programs is one way to upskill our current workforce and to prepare the workforce of the 21st century.