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    • Michigan highlighted in COABE Newsletter

    • The following article appeared in the March 2019 edition of the COABE Newsletter.  Stay tuned for more information on future ambassador trainings.
      “It was the most phenomenal experience I’ve ever had.” This was just one of the many positive student comments on our evaluations after we, Michigan Association of Community and Adult Education – MACAE, completed our first Student Ambassador Training (SAT) on January 25, 2019 in Lansing, Michigan.
      Our very first SAT program, trained 14 students and 16 program staff, representing five counties in our state. Justine Geiger, a COABE trained student ambassador, and I (Vice President of MACAE) led the training, with assistance from our association president.
      The training Justine and I received at the 2018 COABE Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, last year provided a solid foundation of information, a training outline, and slides so that we were able to conduct our training back in our home state of Michigan. We marketed the program in December by sending out a one-page flyer and Q & A information sheet to help students and program providers understand what an Ambassador is and what the training would entail. We also stressed the importance of our students’ voices in advocating for adult education. One of my fellow board members, Bob Steeh, conducted the training, and student engagement co chair, Laura Profirio provided long distance support and answered questions in a way that made learning fun and emphasized the areas to focus on. During the training, we were live streaming on Facebook and tweeted out to COABE showing collaborative efforts in the direction of student advocacy through Michigan’s roll-out of the student ambassador program. You can see photos from the training on our website HERE.
      We now have 14 trained student ambassadors who are in the high school completion and ESL programs in our state. The transformation that came over the students from the beginning of the training until the end of the day was amazing. The group not only bonded but also felt empowered and inspired. The ability to hear other students’ stories and to realize that they are not alone and that others have had similar, if not more challenging, situations that have been overcome in their pursuit of a credential was powerful. They know the significance of their achievement, but more importantly they realized that the unification of this group is critical in order to promote adult education successes. They willingly embraced the responsibility to work with programs and our state associations to help increase awareness locally and at the state and national levels.
      I was so proud that six students came up to us after the training and said they want to advocate not only in their local programs, but for MACAE too. The key for us now is to keep our ambassadors engaged by developing opportunities at our annual conference, professional development offerings, and legislative advocacy events. We are currently in the process of identifying a second SAT date.
      Linda Cianferra
      MACAE Vice President
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