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MACAE Virtual Spring Institute: Zoom Forward and Carry On

Thursday- Friday, May 13-14, 2021 

Virtual Zoom Training 

SCECHs pending.  

Register you and your staff today! 


MACAE, The Michigan Association of Community and Adult Education is excited to be offering a virtual spring institute this year. The first day will focus on alternative education and youth populations (Thursday) and the next day will focus on adult education and workforce development.

The Michigan Association of Community and Adult Education (MACAE) is the leading professional organization for over 400 adult, alternative, community education and workforce development professionals across the state. More information can be found at


***This spring we are excited to announce that all MACAE member organizations will be able to register anyone on their staff for the Spring Institute at the MACAE member rate regardless of it they are a current member or not.  We are doing this to give back to our members who have give so much to us this year. ***

One Day Rate for all Members and Non-Members: Thursday or Friday (you select): $75 (This year we are also offering MAEO members the MACAE Member rate to attend Thursday only)

Two Day Rate for MACAE Members (Please see note above): Thursday and Friday: $125

Two Day Rate for Non Members: Thursday and Friday:  $175


Here are some of the areas we are looking to present on:

Distance Learning Best Practices
Leadership and Growth
Communication and Retention Strategies
Using Google Suite and Google Classroom
Social Emotional/Trauma
Equity/Social Justice
Alternative Education
Community Education/Preschool/Care/Early Childhood
Workforce Preparation
Teaching Virtually- Distance Learning
High School Equivalency
Digital Literacy
Performance Indicators (State MSG rates)
Career Navigation
and more!

Sessions will run each day from 8:30am-3:30pm. Individual sessions will be 1 hour in length.  5.5 SCECHs will be available each day for a total of 11 SCECHs.

Sessions: See the following list of presentations: MACAE Spring Institute 2021-Agenda- Thursday, May 13, 2021 and MACAE Spring Institute 2021- Agenda- Friday, May 14, 2021

Adult Basic Education Professional Development: Ways to Partner with Adult Education

Friday, April 30, 2021



Cost: $25 for Members: $50 for Non Members. Register you and your staff today! 


This ninety-minute workshop will highlight successful partnerships between Adult Basic Education/ESL programs and other entities including GED programs, advanced education, workforce development training, and supportive services.  The discussion will focus around  forging partnerships, communications between partners, and goal achievements (outcomes) reached based on this relationships.  Participants will be exposed to a variety of partnerships and have the opportunity to dialogue with the panelist.  From this discussion we expect participants to take away two or more ideas/models of partnering that they could use ot enhance their own programs.


Sr. Janice Brown, Reading Works Operations Director

Sister Janice Brown, O.P. is an Adrian Dominican Sister.  She has been involved in adult education and the workforce training arena for over twelve years.  She was the executive director for Dominican Literacy Center in Detroit and the Operations Director for Reading Works.  She is now the Director of the Siena Literacy Center in Detroit, Michigan.  Her background includes business, finance, education, and theology. Dr. Brown has both an MBA from Western Michigan University and a Doctorate in Ministry from Catholic Theological Union.  In addition to developing curriculum, Dr. Brown has presented multiple workshops/training on adult education including Adult Basic Education, Workforce Development, Student Motivation, and English Language Acquisition.

SCECHS:          AGENDA:

.25                   10:00 – 10:15  Overview of adult education connectors and services

.75                   10:15 – 11:00 Panel presentation on how their partnerships came to be, how the contract was forged, the struggles, what had to be adapted,  and the benefits.

.50                   11:00 – 11:30 Discussion on strategies, sharing of best practices and resources.

Total: 1.5 SCECHs

MACAE Teacher Tuesday- Tuesday, March 23rd at 3pm with Elaine Pardieck! 

Our Teacher Tuesday Series is back!  These one hour series for teachers are great for learning, collaboration and the sharing of ideas. This month we are focused on ABE practitioners. Join us as we dive into free literacy resources for ABE instructors to use.  Sponsored by New Readers Press.  SCECHs are available.
Register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

How to Create Partnerships with Training Providers

Friday, March 26, 2021

Virtual Zoom Webinar. SCECHS available.  After you register you will be sent the Zoom information directly.  


Click here to register


$25 for MACAE Members; $75 for Non-Members


Join trainers from across the state in as we discuss partnerships with Adult Education across Michigan.  Each trainer is currently working with an adult educator provider.  Learn how they collaborate, leverage funds and work together to create the best training opportunity for our adult participants.

Participants will be able to:

  • Meet with trainers and understand their strengths and gaps to see who partnering will support both parties
  • Write an IET plan
  • Build collaborations to support participants in education and training
  • Understand how funding works within WIOA

Flexible Learning Options: High School Equivalency and High School Diploma 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Virtual Zoom Webinar

10:00am- 3:00pm Virtual Training

Click here to register 


$45 for MACAE Members; $75 for Non-Members (Full Day session)


Do you have questions about flexible learning options for alternative or adult education participants? What are the best strategies, tools and templates to help them achieve career and educational success?

The professional development opportunity will explore some of the common best practices and tools to address these concerns.  It will include an overview of the flexible learning system available in Michigan and how it can be adapted for all learners.  Additionally, a panel of experts with discuss overcoming some of the barriers to create strong systemic platforms to support learners.  Finally, we will share some strategies and best practice tips for success.


Kelly Vella is the Adult Education Services Professional at the Huron Valley Adult and Alternative Education Program.  She has presented at the statewide level.


10:00– 10:15 Welcome and Overview: The Michigan Merit Curriculum and Personal Curriculum for Student Success

10:15-11:00: Overivew of the Michigan Merit Curriculum and Personal Curriculum .  We will give an abbreviated overview of these two instructional delivery programs.  We will discuss pros and cons and ways that programs can better support learners.

11:00-11:30: Case Study- Washtenaw ISD: During this session we will pivot our discussion to a deeper dive-in discussion on the Washtenaw ISD and some of the best practices that they have implemented to recognize personal curriculums. In addition, we will examine some of their strategic tools and strategies that they have implemented to help students with accommodations and learning needs.

11:30-12:30: Student Barriers Panel

This panel discuss will focus on different instructional strategies and how to help all learners in different learning settings. Additionally, the panel will help to be able to point out best practice programs that can provide sample templates and tools.

12:30-1:00: Lunc

1:00-2:00: Process for Accommodations for High School Equivalency Testing: An overview ohf accommodations for high school equivalency testing including an analysis of the applications process and specific types of accommodations.  Includes details for the GED testing and the HiSET test.

2:00-3:00: Tips and Trick from the Teachers: This session will focus on strategies and tools for making accommodations for all learners in the classroom.  What are helpful resources and tools we can implement to reach all learners?

3:00pm Wrap Up and Evaluations

MACAE Teacher Tuesdays 

Free for all teachers.  Each Tuesday at 3:00pm. SCECHS available.

Come and sit around the virtual table for an informal discussion about teaching with Burlington Core and making the most of what Burlington has to offer.  Each session will include time for collaboration among peers.

February 16th (Generously sponsored by Burlington English): Utilizing the new updates in Burlington English: Click here to register 

February 16th (Generously sponsored by Burlington English): Best Practices Among Teachers: Click here to register 

February 16th (Generously sponsored by Burlington English): In-Depth Career Readiness and Citizenship Resources: Click here to register

Burlington English Digital Learning Instructor Series: January 25-28th from 3pm-4:30pm 

MACAE is excited to launch, in partnership with Burlington English, a Digital Learning Instructor training course for ESL instructors who use the Burlington English software.  If you remember, we launched and conducted a similar successful cohort in the fall.   comprehensive course of Burlington software that will lead to a Digital Learning Instructor Certification through Burlington English. The training series will run January 25-

This training is intended for Adult Education ESL instructors to improve curriculum outcomes and review learning materials using the Burlington English Curriculum and online modules. We will use the training to review best practices and how to utilize the entire Burlington English curriculum to engage learners in a truly virtual format to deliver quality, high-level content  At the conclusion of the training, instructors will become certified Burlington English Digital Learning Instructors. 

The themed topic course days will include: Overview of Burlington English Software Training and Report Systems, Orienting Teachers and Students, Planning/Optimizing Your Schedule, Data Driven Decision Making and Blended Instruction.

6 SCECHs are available for those who participate in each day of training.    

Burlington English’s Brandi Cardwell and Louie Para will lead the training. If you or your staff are interested in registering, please use the registration link here by January 20th.  

MACAE January 2021 Professional Development-

Crucial Conversations in Leadership Parts One and Two- Friday, January 15 and January 29 from 1pm-2:30pm

Register online today by clicking here.  Each training is a stand alone session.  You do not need to attend one to qualify for the other.  

Part One- Friday, January 15, 2021 from 1pm-2:30pm (1.5 SCECHs approved)

Part Two- Friday, January 29, 2021 from 1pm-2:30pm (1.5 SCECHs approved) 

Virtual Professional Development via Zoom

Cost is $25 for Members and $50 for Non-Members 

Whether you are a program support staff, teacher, community supporter or administrator and leader in your organization, we all have a role in helping to improve our environments.  Particularly for our adult participants, youth and families, critical conversations are important to helping them reach their greater personal and professional success.

The first part of this series, Crucial Conversations will focus on our roles as professionals and the challenges we face in the work we do around communication, organization, relationship building and morale.  We will discuss ways to identify those barriers and then bridge strategies for solution building.  How can we build consensus and move the team forward to better benefit the people and communities we serve?

The second part of this series, Crucial Conversations, will focus on our roles as professionals to responsibility help marginalized populations.  We will discuss some of the barriers that our participants, clients and families face but also some of the challenges in communicating those barriers to other agencies or organizations.  We will discuss ways to identify those barriers and then bridge strategies for solution building.  Participants will learn ways that they have begin having conversations around equity, access, communication and leadership to benefit all participants.

MACAE Fall Conference 2020: In It Together

Thursday-Friday, November 5-6, 2020

If you attended the fall conference, you still have access to the site and all the information through March 1, 2021.

Visit our Fall Conference 2020 Page under the Professional Development tab!

Virtual Zoom Conference

Member Cost: $200 for Members or $650 for four

NonMember Cost: $275/person


MACAE is excited to announce its Fall Virtual Conference 2020: In it Together on Thursday-Friday, November 5-6, 2020! A special pre-conference kickoff will take place November 4th.   

We are looking forward to offering you high-quality content and presentations with opportunities for you to still network and socialize with others!  Conference sessions and presentations will focus on the areas of adult education best practices, alternative education innovative ideas, family literacy, integrated workforce, social justice and equity, program growth and leadership, digital and distance learning, instructional strategies and more!  We are taking great care to develop a conference app that will be easy-to-navigate and user friendly! 

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Meeting Participant Needs

Register today by clicking here! 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Virtual Professional Development via Zoom


Cost is $25 for Members and $50 for Non Members.  1 SCECH (State Continuing Education Clock Hours)


This presentation will highlight how adult education and the Michigan Rehabilitative Services can work together to leverage resources to meet the needs of participants.  It will include a step by step process of the different programs and partnerships.  Learn about the Michigan Rehabilitative Services and how to leverage best practices, ideas for program innovation and growth.  Walk away with tools and strategies for helping adult learners with disabilities (physical or learning)!


Sharlene Organ, Business Relations Consultant, Michigan Rehabilitative Services (MRS) Business Network Division.

Sharlene is the coordinator for the West Michigan MRS.  She works closely with partner agencies to determine and develop best practices and tools to assist adult learners and works with disabilities.

Engaging Instructional Strategies and Tools in the Digital Age

Register today by clicking here! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Virtual Zoom Training


Cost is $25 for Members and $50 for Non Members.  1.5 SCECHS (State Continuing Education Clock Hours)


Now that we are teaching virtually the next step is to ensure we are delivering quality content.  What strategies and tools can we utilize to help reach our adult learners at a distance?  How can we keep them engaged in new ways? This training is intended for Adult and Alternative Education Instructors on innovative online and distance learning tools to engage adult learners. We will focus on some exciting pedagogical strategies and online tools for instructors.  Participants will walk away with a list of tools and resources and strategies to implement for work and instruction.

Empower Hour Series: Inclusion- A Matter of Value

Special Guest Speaker, Facilitator and Author David Rowell

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 from 1:00pm-3:00pm 

Online Virtual Training Via Zoom

Cost is $25 for Members and $50 for Non Members.  Two SCECH (State Continuing Education Clock Hours) are available.  Register today by clicking here! 

MACAE is proud to offer this first session in our new “Empower Hour” Series dedicated to discussions on inclusion, equity and parity in work and learning spaces.

This session will focus on inclusion as a value-adding mechanism. Topics would include: Inclusion as performance enhancer, especially the link between inclusivity and empowerment; The external value of inclusion (reputation, approachability, …); Personal (humanistic) value innate to inclusivity.  Participants will walk away with continuing considerations on how to improve the institutions and organizations they are a part of.

We are proud to welcome David Rowell as our keynote speaker! David Rowell is a career facilitator, instructor, consultant, and author.

For many years he was an instructor for the US federal government, where he taught diversity, leadership, team building, and women’s leadership across the United States and internationally. Here, David was also a diversity program leader serving as the chair of a national diversity council, leading a national working group for gender equality, and serving as a Diversity Ambassador in the area of LGBTQ.

David has worked very closely with large international organizations in promotion of gender mainstreaming and gender equality principles. In this work he assisted in developing international gender policy, gender programs, and conducted women’s leadership workshops.

As the founder of Parity Consulting, David continues his work in these areas for both public and private organizations. David is also an associate consultant for Fowlkes Consulting, a leading global firm that specializes in LGBTQ+ issues.

David is a sought-after blogger on the topics of diversity, gender, LGBTQ+ issues, team building, and leadership. David’s book Value and Voice – Solutions to Organizational Gender Balance, lays out an undisputable case for organizational ‘gender balance’. The book presents the issues of gender balance in the workplace, makes clear the tremendous value of gender balance, and most importantly pinpoints actions that can be taken to obtain ‘balance’.

David is a published author and more information can be found at:


Google It!: Introduction to Google Tools and Google Classroom

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Virtual Zoom Training: Part 1: 9:00am-11:00am, Part 2: 12:00pm-2:00pm

Cost: $75 for Non Member; $35 for Members. SCECHs Pending.

This training is intended for Adult and Alternative Education Instructors on the basic elements of using Google Tools and Google Classroom. Part 1 will focus on the necessary steps to utilize the different Google options in a classroom, small groups or one on one setting.  Participants will walk away with an understanding of how to better utilize Google Tools in their work and instruction.  Part 2 will focus on the Google Classroom and participants will be able to learn how the elements of Google Classroom and design their own Classroom to be used in the classroom soon. 

New Directors and New to Adult Education Training

Friday, August 28, 2020

Virtual Zoom Webinar: 9:00am- 12:00pm

Cost: $25 for MACAE Members; $50 for Non-Members (Half Day session). SCECHs Pending.

This training will be for new adult education administrative staff in their first or second year of program management.  The New Directors Training will offer an overview of adult education guidelines in the state of Michigan and review major funding streams, budget construction and management documentation and reporting practices, curriculum best practices and instructional strategies along with assessment policies and certification process in accordance with MDE, LEO, WIOA and Section 107 funding. 

Directors and Administrators Training

Friday, August 28, 2020

Virtual Zoom Webinar: 1:00pm- 3:00pm

Cost: $25 for MACAE Members; $50 for Non-Members (Half Day session). SCECHs Pending.

The training for Directors and Administrators will review some of the major news and developments regarding adult education.  We will share new strategies and research surrounding adult education and updates pertaining to the daily management and operations of programs.  We will also share some of the latest information on MAERS information, assessment and adult education policy updates and more.  In addition, we will have a discussion on leadership in turbulent times and helping the most vulnerable and marginalized populations in our programs. 

Year End Directors Meeting: Preparing and Leading for the Future (Webinar)

Friday, June 19, 2020: 10am- 12pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm (SCECHs Pending)

Cost: $25 for MACAE Members and $50 for Non Members: Click here to register! 

Special Guest Speaker: Catherine Meyer-Looze, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Counseling, Grant Valley State University

Special Guest Speaker: Rick Vandermolen, Graduate Program Director, Educational Leadership, Grand Valley State University

Are you a Director, Program Coordinator, Lead Instructor or Shared Stakeholder in your program? This professional development will help you to strategize, brainstorm and put into place action steps for program growth, improvement and leadership over the summer and into the next program year. Particularly for leadership change in turbulent times.

In these ever-changing times it is becoming increasingly apparent the impact adult education has in the local economy and in local communities.  Please come prepared to share how you plan to grow, develop and adapt your programming as well as share and learn from colleagues.

The first half of this training will focus on professional leadership and development and leading in difficult times.  In addition, it will focus on how to bridge barrier, challenges and opportunities for returning back to normal operations after a tragedy.

In the second half of this presentation we will analyze best practices and share strategies for expanding your personal leadership capacity.  What can you do and what is the space for you to feel empowered as a leader and to help lead others?

Helping participants complete the US Census (Webinar)

Wednesday, June 3, 2020: 1:00pm-3:00pm (SCECHs pending)

Cost: $25 for MACAE Members; $50 for Non Members: Click here to register! 

Now more than ever, the importance of what we do is highlighted in providing accessible and equitable education, certified training courses, case management and social services, English language instruction, family literacy and adult skill building.

This webinar professional development will help program staff plan priorities and share ideas for participants to complete the U.S. Census 2020 and encourage their families to safely, comfortable and importantly complete the Census.  This important survey helps to determine federal allocation of resources, dollars, and investments.  Investments in our local communities, infrastructure, education and social service programs.

We will share virtual lesson plan opportunities and look at some of the online resources available through the US Census website as well.

Staff Self Care: Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First (Webinar)

Friday, May 15, 2020: 10:00am-12:00pm (SCECHs pending)

Cost: $25 for MACAE Members and $50 for Non Members: Click here to register! 

Working in education is more than teaching students and grading papers… it is about evaluations, student outcomes, keeping up the current research and worrying about your students. That can be a lot to deal with… and that is hoping that your personal life is calm and in order! This presentation will look at compassion fatigue and how that can put teachers and administrators at risk for burn out and physical ailments. It is important to practice self care so that we can continue to do the hard work, maintain our energy and health and to ensure that our students (and families) get the very best of US.

Participants will:

  • Understand Compassion Fatigue and Empathic Distress and how that can impact YOUR health and wellbeing
  • Learn 6 Categories of Self Care Identify Ones that they enjoy
  • Leave with a plan to practice self care daily, weekly and occasionally.
  • Incorporate Self Care with teaching strategies so it also meets the needs of student self-care

Sustainable Digital Learning Options (Webinar)

Wednesday, May 13, 2020: 1:00pm-4:00pm (SCECHs pending)

Cost: $25 for MACAE Members; $50 for Non Members: Click here to Register! 

In these ever-changing times it is becoming increasingly apparent the impact that technology plays in our daily lives, especially in the education of our children, families, and friends.  This training is intended to share sustainable digital learning resources for Adult Education ABE and ESL instructors to improve curriculum outcomes and learn more about instructional resources available to them.  More importantly, we will discuss how to support students from a virtual distance and how to scaffold different digital learning pieces in curriculum and to operate virtual learning platforms.  Instructional templates and tools will be shared with participants to begin to implement in their programming.

Instructors will walk away with creating platforms on two different virtual learning platforms that they can use for their students and for collaboration.

Adult Basic Education/Literacy Best Practices Webinar

Friday, April 24, 2020: 10:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm (SCECHs approved)

This has changed to a two-part webinar format!  Part 1 will begin from 10am-noon, Part 2 will be from 1pm-3pm.  You will need to participate in both sessions to receive full SCECHs. SCECHs approved.  

Cost: $25 for MACAE Members; $50 for Non Members; Click here to Register 

This presentation will focus on targeting the barriers of low-level ABE and ESL learners.  The presentations throughout the day will include instructional strategies for equipping instructors with the academic resources to help learners succeed in workplace literacy skills and foundational skills. The second half of the presentation will focus on career navigation tools and resources to help program participants be successful.  Equip your team with the templates and tools necessary to help participants find career and education success while navigating the barriers before them.

SCECHs available.

Part 1: 10:00am-12:00pm: The presentations throughout the day will include instructional strategies for equipping instructors with the academic resources to help learners succeed in workplace literacy skills and foundational skills.

Part 2: 1:00pm-3:00pm: The second half of the presentation will focus on career navigation tools and resources to help program participants be successful.  Equip your team with the templates and tools necessary to help participants find career and education success while navigating the barriers before them.

Facilitators: Michael Evans is Executive Director of the Kalamazoo Literacy Council (KLC) and has been with the organization since August 2010. He is charged with bringing area adult literacy programs together to better coordinate services for adults wanting to learn how to read or improve their literacy skills. He works daily to raise awareness of adult literacy issues in the community and to gather more support to this cause.

WIOA 2020-2024 Application Review (Webinar)

Wednesday, April 15, 2020: 2:00pm-4:00pm (No SCECHs available)

Cost: $25 for MACAE Members; $50 for Non Members: Click here to register 

Still working on those last few questions of the WIOA application? Need to walk through it one more time with your colleagues? Join this professional development to review the basic components of the WIOA application.  We can walk through the tool MACAE has addressed to answer and respond to each question of the instructional grant.  We can also help provide insights and help to highlight specific questions or individual responses to questions.

CASAS Connections: E-CASAS Troubleshooting Workshop

Friday, March 27, 2020
++Due to Coronavirus health concerns, this training will now be offered in a virtual format++.  Registered participants will be emailed directly from the MACAE office with further instructions.

9:00am-12:00pm Virtual Training

This interactive session and training with trouble shoot best practices and resources for CASAS TopsPro users. This hands-on training experience with some of local users sharing what they do and helping with others to ensure you are utilizing the maximum capacity of the system. In addition we will share how different programs incorporate the E-CASAS system into their registration process to ensure timeliness and accuracy. We will also touch upon ensuring how programs use E-CASAS in compliance with the Michigan Adult Education Reporting System (MAERS). Be sure to bring your CASAS login information.

SCECHs approved.

Workforce Development and Integrated Training Workshop

Friday, March 20, 2020
**Due to Coronavirus health concerns, this training has transitioned to a virtual webinar.  Registered participants will be emailed directly from the MACAE office with further instructions.**

Are you looking for additional resources and strategies for how workforce development and adult education can work together? Practitioners will share some integrated education and training resources. We will also get an update from the MichiganWorks! Agency. In addition, we will share integrated curriculum resources for employability skills and workforce readiness. We will also walk through the new WIOA grant and discuss shared interests of all WIOA title partners.

SCECHS approved.

Facilitated by members of the Workforce Development Committee.

High School Equivalency- Getting to the Finish Line

Friday, February 28, 2020
MACAE Office- 826 Municipal Way, Lansing, Mi 48917
8:30am Check In/Breakfast; 9:00am-3:30pm Training
$45 for MACAE Members; $100 for Non-Members (Full day session);

Register by clicking here!  

This hands-on learning day is presented by practitioners and HSE instructional staff from across the state. Participants will walk away with best practices, curriculum resources and alignment tools to increase student performance and participation. The interactive sessions will provide the most current and useful resources to instructional staff and tutors. Topics will include instructional strategies according to the common subject areas on high school equivalency tests including: Reading and Social Studies and Reading and Writing and Math and Science.

Members of the MACAE High School Equivalency Committee

SCECHs and Food:
Breakfast and lunch will be served with coffee, water and tea. SCECHs approved.

Grant Writing Workshop 101

Friday, January 24, 2020

MACAE Office: 826 Municipal Way, Lansing, MI 48917


$45 for Members; $100 for Non-Members.  Register today by clicking here! 

Please note: In order to register you must have an account on our Digital Sign Up site.  If you have never used our site, you will need to create a new user account.  Please contact the MACAE office at (517) 492-1367 or with registration questions.

SCECHS pending.  Light breakfast and lunch will be served.


As administrators, an important part of the educational and nonprofit leadership sector is leveraging funds and monies for program management, improvement and growth. This full day interactive workshop will explore the many facets of nonprofit and educational grant writing. Attendees will the learn the concepts of administrative grant writing for their educational entities. We will discuss basic grant writing techniques and strategies for building effective and sustainable program budgets.

 Biography of Facilitator:

Elizabeth Barton, Ph.D. is the founder of The Waverly Group-MidWest, an organizational change consulting corporation. Barton tailors her services to meet the unique development goals of clients, working closely with organizations to ensure long-term financial sustainability. She has successfully secured funding for clients from the private and public sector including local, regional, and national foundations and federal agencies. Clients range from modest local nonprofits to organizations with an international presence. Support is provided with grant writing, building public-private partnerships, identifying funding strengths and gaps, prospect research and planning, and fund development training for nonprofit board members and staff.  For nearly 25 years, Dr. Barton has served as an Associate Professor – Research at Wayne State University, teaching courses in human development, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

grant writing 101

Adult Education Resources to Reach and Teach Webinar

Tuesday, December 17, 2019. 1p:00pm-2:00pm. SCECHs Approved. To register, please email Patrick Brown at

Free for Members; $10 for Non-Members

This training is intended for Adult Education ABE and ESL instructors to improve curriculum outcomes and learn more about instructional resources available to them. Specifically, it is for instructors to learn more about strategies to engage low performing students. Instructional templates and tools will be shared with participants to begin to implement in their programming the next semester.

Google Digital Applied Skills Boot Camp

Join us for this exciting opportunity!

Friday, August 20, 2019 at the MACAE Office, 826 Municipal Way, Lansing, MI

9:00am Check In; 9:30am-12:30pm Training Session

$25 for Members; $50 for Non Members

Space is limited so register today by clicking here!

In this session, you will receive a deep dive professional development training on Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum. Applied Digital Skills is a free, online and video-based curriculum that you can use in the classroom with your students to teach them the basic digital skills needed for today’s evolving job market.

The curriculum has hundreds of hours of lessons that you can choose from, including how to send an email, make a resume, search for a job, plan an event, and even create a business plan. It also includes free resources like student progress tracking and assignment submission. By the end of this session, you will be able to leverage the curriculum in the classroom with your students.

Important Pre-Work: Please come to this session with a Google account. To make a new Google account for free, go to



Wednesday, August 14, 2019 from 8:30am- 12:00pm (MACAE Office- 826 Municipal Way Lansing, MI 48917)

To register, email  Free for MACAE Members, $50 for non members.

Share ideas or information surrounding these important topics.  Hear best practices and innovative ideas with colleagues for implementation.

Program Topics Include:
IELCE Funding Guidelines
Program Administration and Budget Management
Program Models/Cohort Structures
Contextualized Curriculum Resources
Statewide Data from 2018-19
Program models and best practices from other states

MACAE New Directors Training:

Friday, August 2, 2019 from 8:30am-3:00pm (MACAE Office- 826 Municipal Way, Lansing, MI 48917) 

To register, email Free for MACAE Members, $50 for non members.

ARE YOU A NEW, FIRST YEAR OR SECOND YEAR DIRECTOR? Join MACAE and seasoned adult education directors for an interactive training and information session on:
Adult Education Terminology
Section 107/WIOA Funding Guidelines
Budget Development
Adult Education Documentation (ALP, MAERS, etc.)
Program Administration
Curriculum Resources
Software for ABE/ESL/HSE
MACAE Resources


CASAS Connection: E-CASAS Summer One Day Training

Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 8:30am- 3:00pm (Breakfast, Lunch, SCECHs provided)

MACAE Office: 826 Municipal Way, Lansing, MI 48917

E-CASAS tests purchased? Online training complete? Ready to implement? Join practitioners from across the state in a one-day training on E-CASAS. Share best practices, ideas and review introductory procedures for implementation. We will review the basics: overview of the system, adding classes, registering students, etc. and brainstorm best practices for implementation on July 1!

Register by clicking HERE ! Only 30 seats available!

TABE 11-12 Implementation Workshop!

Friday, May 17, 2019 from 9am-noon at Romulus Adult Education

9650 Wayne Road, Romulus, MI

Register by clicking HERE ! Only 30 seats available! Free for MACAE Members! $30 for Non-Members.

Join colleagues from around the state in a discussion on the TABE 11/12 assessment program implementation!

This interactive and guided workshop will walk you through example test questions, overview of the assessment program and give you the opportunity to practice scoring a paper/pencil test.  In addition we will share some insights on what is working with programs who have already started using TABE 11/12.  We will share best practices for test management and ideas for student placement after assessment.  


Registration now open:

GED Workshop: Getting over the hump: best practices for instructors

Friday, March 22, 2019 from 9am-3pm

SCECHS available! Bring your PIC!

This full day professional development for Adult Education instructors will provide hands-on training for best practice instructional strategies in the areas of general instructional innovation, reading strategies and math strategies for GED.   Share in GED classroom techniques, teaching tools and ideas with your colleagues. Troubleshoot and collaborate on successes and challenges among your student populations. Participants will have resources and take-home activities to implement in their GED classroom the next day!

$20 for MACAE Members ; $40 for Non-MACAE members 

Light Breakfast and lunch will be provided!


Sign up today!: GED Troubleshooting Webinar

Friday, February 22, 2019 from 10am-11am

Are you a GED instructor or administrator that uses the GED Manager? Join this webinar for trouble shooting strategies to more effectively operate GED Manager. Participants will be able to submit questions ahead of the webinar and share ideas for what works best for their classroom or program! We will be joined by Adora Beard (GED) and her colleague Melissa.

Free to MACAE Members; $10 for Non-MACAE Members 


November/December 2018
Professional Development Video Webinars
Registration is now open click here 

Video participation is limited, registration required.
These are free to MACAE members.  $10 for non MACAE members.

Tuesday, November 27 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.  MACAE Regional Conveners Cohort Webinar

Tuesday, December 4, 2:00 p.m. -3:00 p.m. CASAS Webinar

Tuesday, December 11, 1:00 p.m. -2:00 p.m. Post-Election 2018 Webinar:  Where do we go from here?

Wednesday, December 12, 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. TABE 11/12 Conference Call

Please see the flyer for more information

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