MACAE is proud to offer this first session in our new “Empower Hour” Series dedicated to discussions on inclusion, equity and parity in work and learning spaces.

Cost is $25 for Members and $50 for Non Members.  Two SCECH (State Continuing Education Clock Hours) are available.  Register today by clicking here! 

This session will focus on inclusion as a value-adding mechanism. Topics would include: Inclusion as performance enhancer, especially the link between inclusivity and empowerment; The external value of inclusion (reputation, approachability, …); Personal (humanistic) value innate to inclusivity.  Participants will walk away with continuing considerations on how to improve the institutions and organizations they are a part of.

We are proud to welcome David Rowell as our keynote speaker! David Rowell is a career facilitator, instructor, consultant, and author.

For many years he was an instructor for the US federal government, where he taught diversity, leadership, team building, and women’s leadership across the United States and internationally. Here, David was also a diversity program leader serving as the chair of a national diversity council, leading a national working group for gender equality, and serving as a Diversity Ambassador in the area of LGBTQ.

David has worked very closely with large international organizations in promotion of gender mainstreaming and gender equality principles. In this work he assisted in developing international gender policy, gender programs, and conducted women’s leadership workshops.

As the founder of Parity Consulting, David continues his work in these areas for both public and private organizations. David is also an associate consultant for Fowlkes Consulting, a leading global firm that specializes in LGBTQ+ issues.

David is a sought-after blogger on the topics of diversity, gender, LGBTQ+ issues, team building, and leadership. David’s book Value and Voice – Solutions to Organizational Gender Balance, lays out an undisputable case for organizational ‘gender balance’. The book presents the issues of gender balance in the workplace, makes clear the tremendous value of gender balance, and most importantly pinpoints actions that can be taken to obtain ‘balance’.

David is a published author and more information can be found at:


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