MACAE recognizes as we transition to the last half of this program year and look forward to even preparing for next program year there are some important issues to discuss.  Some of the most relevant topics that have arisen include:
  • Continued registration and orientation of new participants,
  • Testing procedures for in person and remote
  • Instructional hours, class structures
  • Staffing priorities
  • Curriculum and/or technology needs and investments
  • Professional Development
  • Other
MACAE member programs are invited to connect on these topics in focus groups based on their typical student population size since that often dictates many of these issues and begin for us to think more broadly about implications for the future.

MACAE would like to connect on some of these issues the first week of February for this group, the large size adult education programs (programs with enrollments over 500 participants annually).   We might not be able to address all these issues and we might meet again but I think we should start these conversations to think about the current and future states of adult education.   

Please join us for this conversation if you are interested.  For zoom log in information, please contact Patrick Brown at

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