Congratulations to the 2017 Award Recipients that were celebrated at our Fall Conference


Support Staff
Tanya Vuichard, Novi Community Education

Tanya Vuichard has had a long-term commitment to Novi Community Education, and for her dedication, I am pleased to write a letter recommending her for the 2017 MACAE Support Staff Award. Of the many people I have worked with in Community and Adult Education over the past 41 years, none strike me as being more deserving and qualified than Tanya.

Tanya has worked for Novi Community School District and the Community Education Department since 1998. She is well known among teachers, parents and students for her dedication, organizational skills and her deep care for students and staff. During those years Tanya has had many different opportunities to work in community education and other school district departments. She has been my assistant for the past five years, where I have developed an enormous respect for her people skills and her ability to complete every task in an efficient and effective manner. Her number one goal every day is customer services.

For the past three years Tanya has enthusiastically accepted working on the MACAE’s fall conference. She would put in countless hours beyond her normal work day to ensure we had all the breakout session descriptions scheduled, formatted the schedule of events, communicated with our presenters, organized the technology needs for our presenters, work the registration table with Judy, etc.

Tanya is committed to helping all of our staff and works very hard to provide them with the necessary resources they need in order to do the best job in the classroom and or, job responsibilities. Tanya has always been open to accepting new challenges and job responsibilities, example being, our department took on the responsibility of being the central registrar for the district this year. Tanya is the the “go to person” for getting things done for every person she comes in contact with.

I assure you that you will not find another candidate that demonstrates the integrity, respect and unselfish service to community education that Tanya Vuichard does. Tanya is building positive relationships with our entire Community Education Department, including staff and students in our preschool, before and after school CARE, and youth and adult enrichment programs and community members. She is truly passionate about quality education for all people and has worked her entire career to improve how community education services are delivered.

I feel confident that you will agree that Tanya is the most deserving candidate for this award.

Angie McArthur, Consolidated Community School District

Angie is the Superintendent of Engadine Consolidated Schools. Last year we were notified by our parent district that they no longer wanted to be our fiscal agent. Even though Engadine Consolidated Schools was not a member of our consortium, Angie understood the value of what we do and was willing to join our consortium of member schools to be our fiscal agent/parent district. She did this knowing that our alternative education data was not what you would call good, and that there would be difficulties in merging us into their district. She agreed anyways to take us on even though we would damage Engadine’s data. In addition, she was willing to take us on for half the price of what the previous district was charging!

Sara Hurley, Southgate Community Education

Sara has been here at Asher for 15 years as the enrichment coordinator. During that time, she has grown the program from several start up offerings to 85 classes offered this fall. She is also thinking about new classes “Downriver” residents may be interested in. She has assembled an amazing selection of courses that attract residents from over 15 Downriver and Wayne County communities. Sara not only interviews, hires, schedules, solves problems that arise she is also responsible for completing payroll for the entire Adult and Community Ed program in Southgate (over 50 people). Sara recently transformed our Community Ed catalog into a very sleek, sophisticated, glossy magazine that has attracted even more attention to her programs.

Sara is a true team player who is always willing to come in early, stay late and help others both staff and students, any way possible. We are very fortunate to have her on our staff.

Outstanding Educator
Linda Cianferra, Novi Community School District

Linda Cianferra has had a long-term commitment to MACAE andCommunity and Adult Education. For her dedication, I wish to nominate her for the MACAE Outstanding Educator Award for 2017. Of the many people I have worked with in Community and Adult Education over the past 42 years, she certainly strikes me as very deserving and qualified for this award.

Linda started her career in Adult Education with Rochester Schools in 1997 as a Career Counselor and general business teacher. She worked for Rochester for 16 years, then was hired by Novi Community School District in 2014 as the Coordinator for the Adult Education Program. Linda is well known among teachers, parents and students for her dedication, fairness and her deep care for students.

I also have had the pleasure of working with Linda for the past 14 years has an active member of MACAE and now our Novi Coordinator. During this period, I developed an enormous respect for her people skills and her ability to always meet every issue with passion and enthusiasm. became acutely aware of her counseling skills with our students, as well as the many hours she would work to enhance adult education and student performance. Linda has worked hard with our ESL teachers to strengthen our curriculum which is alignedwith the State curriculum guidelines.

Our scores continue to exceed the State requirement in ESL performance in all levels of ESL. Also, Linda has strengthened our Adult/Alternative Ed program by forging strong partnerships with Michigan Works and ourNovi businesses. She created a very vibrate School/Business Council, which meets once a month to help us support our student’s success.

Linda has always been open to accepting other challenges and job responsibilities beyond directing our adult education program. For the past three years she has Co- Chaired our MACAE Fall Conference, started and organized our Family Speak program in Lansing, is a very active member of the MACAE Advocacy Committee and as Co-Chaired our Day on the Hill event, she has also served on the MACAE Professional Development Committee to organize workshops for our members.

I assure you that you will not find a candidate that demonstrates the passion for adult/alternative education and MACAE as Linda and has worked her whole career to improve how adult/alternative education services are delivered.

I feel confident that you will agree that Linda Cianferra is the most deserving candidate for this award.


President’s Award
Doug Wood

Doug came to Orchard View in 2008 after 32 years with the Kalamazoo Public Schools. Doug grew up in Fruitport before moving to Kalamazoo in 1976. While in Kalamazoo, he was a middle school assistant principal and also the Director of Adult and Community Education. During the past nine years, he has provided steady leadership for the program while expanding the use of technology for instruction and marketing. The relationship between the Community Education program and the school district has strengthened with the Community Education program’s involvement in the district’s Facebook and web pages. Doug has also been an active member of the Muskegon area and has promoted Orchard View Schools and programs in many areas of the Community.

Doug is serving in a ministry capacity in the Appalachian Mountains this past summer and also spending more time with his three grandchildren. You may still see him and his camera at OV games and concerts. After nine years he is not yet ready to walk away from the great students, staff and families at Orchard View.

Doug has been past president of MACAE in 2003-04 and 2011-12. He won the Lifetime Achievement award in 2008.

He was the representative to the National Community Education Association’s (NCEA) region 5. The NCEA acts in the same way that MACAE does, by supporting its membership and assisting them to become partners in addressing their community needs.

Lifetime Achievement:
Mary Marcil

For many years, Mary Marcil has worked tirelessly to support the success of Community Education. As a long time employee for Orchard View Community Education, Mary has created new programs, guided established programs and worked behind the scenes to help ensure the financial viability of the individual components that make up one of the most comprehensive community education programs in the State of Michigan.

At Orchard View, Mary worked with each of the Directors (Patrick Shafer, Patricia Walstra, Doug Wood and Matt VanderVelde) and provided essential services that helped each lead successfully. Mary helped to create and operate a very successful specialized training and employee Business & Industry program that served local and regional companies to meet their development needs. The B&I program continues to provide computer training for large and small businesses as the concepts that provided the foundation for the program helped it survive the recession while maintaining a strong reputation in the area. Mary also provided administration support for what is now one of the largest adult education programs in West Michigan. Her experience and connections established around the state have been invaluable in helping the AE program meet the challenges of a changing education landscape.

In recent years, Mary has served as the fiscal consultant for OV (a job she took after “retirement”). She has become the “queen of the spreadsheet” as she monitors and guides the budgets of the many programs and grants that provide funding for the OV program. As the leadership has changed at the state and national levels, Mary has been counted upon to keep up with the latest rules changes and calendar deadlines. Each OV director owes a great debt of gratitude as Mary has helped them understand and operate their budgets more effectively and efficiently. If you need to know what is budgeted in any given line item, chances are Mary can tell you or will have it for you within minutes of your request.

Mary has also lent her knowledge and expertise to the region and state efforts in adult education. A valued member of committees and state task forces, Mary is one of those folks that most any task can be handed to and it will be done and done well. This has served the Muskegon County adult education community where she served as the grant facilitator for the Muskegon ISD WIOA federal grant consortium. Mary also serves on the West Michigan Community Education Consortium (WMCEC) and the Adult Learning Partners of West Michigan (ALPWM) where her skills have served the 13 county Region 4. At the State level, Mary has served on task forces, with an emphasis in data collection, that have helped shape the practice of adult education in many areas.

MACAE has also benefitted from working with Mary Marcil. As a Board member and committee chair for our annual conference, Mary has provided excellent guidance on programming and training. Our conferences have benefited by Mary’s excellent tastes in food and wine, and her ability to conjure up social activities on a shoestring budget giving our gatherings added value.

Community Education has had no greater friend than Mary Marcil. She believes in serving community through the resources of the school, and has dedicated much of her career to these principles.