For over 30 years, Burlington has been publishing educational material used by millions of students around the world. Today, Burlington is a major supplier of digital material for students learning English. Burlington continues to grow, enter new markets and introduce new innovations in language teaching and learning.

Burlington was founded in response to the growing number of people who need to learn or improve their English. Whether for work, study or everyday life skills, English fluency is essential. Our mission is to help these people achieve their goals.

In 2009, after years of development, Burlington launched BurlingtonEnglish, an online digital solution for language learning. The centerpiece of BurlingtonEnglish is its innovative speech-processing platform.

BurlingtonEnglish’s cutting-edge, proprietary and patented technologies provide English programs with the most advanced online platform in the world for learning English.

The unique program for English acquisition offers a blended learning solution which combines face-to-face classroom activities with anytime-anywhere access to state-of-the-art online interactive courses. Students are free to use the online course materials as much as they like, whether that’s a few hours a week or several hours a day. They’re limited only by their motivation to succeed.

BurlingtonEnglish was built from the ground up using the best methods identified by linguists, educators and software developers for overcoming the specific challenges of language learning. It offers an unparalleled SpeechTrainer® to help users perfect their pronunciation and listening skills. Its focus on pronunciation training means users get the kind of practical, real-life training that results in true English proficiency, vital for all those seeking pathways to advance their careers. Built-in data collection helps ESL instructors monitor individual student progress, identify problem areas, and develop a customized course of study.

With BurlingtonEnglish, you can help your students achieve their goals – and further the value of your institution or business at the same time.

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