With our partners at Aztec, MACAE is pleased to introduce this professional development opportunity.

This is a virtual webinar.

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Improve NRS Gains on TABE and CASAS with Aztec, Paxen, and Steck-Vaughn

Monday, August 15, 2022

Virtual Zoom Webinar

2:00pm-3:00pm Virtual Training


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Has your program struggled with meeting the National Report System requirements for adult education? Have you been looking for strategies to better align your curriculum to meet these standards? Educators and Administrators in this session will learn about the fundamental curriculum tools available to them and how they can maximize their efforts. Additionally, the presenters will share strategies for instruction to align curriculum standards to NRS outcomes.  Participants will walk away with a better understanding of college and career readiness aligned resources.


After careers as a social worker and classroom teacher, Mitch Rosin managed operations for two divisions of McGraw-Hill Education in the United States and lead Adult Education/Workforce/Training initiatives globally. He spent many years on the GED Advisory Board, created the TASC Assessment, and worked for the HiSET Exam. Currently, he consultants for several organizations both in the United States and internationally including NAWB, Aztec Software, CASAS, Simply Grameen and several Adult Education Consortia in California. Mr. Rosin holds a Master of Arts in Education, a Master of Science in Curriculum Design and Development, and a Master of Science in International Public Policy. He is currently completing his Ed. D. in Organizational Leadership.

SCECHS:               AGENDA:

.5                            10:00am– 10:30am: Curriculum resources and Instructional Strategies for Success

In this section we will review key curriculum resources and instructional strategies for success in high school equivalency/diploma completion and English as a second language instruction.  The presenter(s) will review important strategies around instructional design as well as curriculum resources from printed text to online/virtual learning platforms.  In addition, the presenter(s) will review correlating content and subject area educational tools in alignment to the state approved high school equivalency tests in Michigan.

.5                            10:30am-11:00am: Curriculum Alignment

The presenter(s) will review curriculum resources around major publishing tools and their alignment to high school equivalency test competencies.  Participants will walk away with a comprehensive list of high school equivalency competencies and correlated instructional support tools and strategies.

11:00am Wrap Up and Evaluations

Total: 1 SCECH



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