MACAE Virtual Teacher Pre-Conference

Friday, October 21, 2022

Virtual Zoom Webinar

9:00am-1:15pm Virtual Training


$50 Registration

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Live virtual; thereafter asynchronous learning through May 31, 2023


The Instructional Pre-Conference will be an opportunity for alternative and adult education instructional staff to participate in quality professional development.  Three sessions will offer insights into working with English Language Learners and Math learners who need additional assistance.


Lee Shainis co-founded the nonprofit Intercambio in 2000 and was the Executive Director for over 20 years. He helped the organization connect 10,000 adult immigrants with 5,000 volunteer teachers in Boulder County through English classes, establish a national network of several hundred organizations, and grow from a budget of $0 to $1.7 million.  He gives keynote speeches at conferences, he has trained thousands of teachers locally, and he has led over 200 workshops for educators and administrators nationwide on language, culture, and inclusion.  Lee received a BBA from the University of Michigan. He lives in Boulder with his wife Marcela and their young sons Valentino and Mateo.

Wendy Kittler, Wendy has experience teaching and leading a local English Language Learner program, which helped prepare her to serve as the English Language Learner Liaison for the Arkansas Adult Education Section, where she continues to work with ELL teachers across the state to meet their diverse needs. In her current role as a Program Advisor for Arkansas Adult Education, she serves the Northeast Regional Adult Education programs, serves on the PD Committee, and provides technical assistance and content trainings.

Andrea Willis, Director of USA Learns at the Sacramento County Office of Education, applies more than twenty years of project management experience to ensure that complex technical projects are completed on time, within budget, and that they meet the unique needs of their target audience. Her flagship project is USA Learns (, a free website that teaches English to adults around the world, helps immigrants prepare for U.S. citizenship, and teaches job skills. She feels privileged to have the opportunity to envision new courses and lead the team that builds free, high-quality online instruction to help adults improve their skills and their lives.

SCECHS:               AGENDA:

1.25                        9:00am– 10:15am: Simplifying Language to be better understood by people from diverse language backgrounds.

The Simplify Language training teaches practical skills to make your written and spoken communication, in English, better understood by English learners and people from diverse educational backgrounds.  In this workshop participants will learn 8 simplifying tips and practice using the skills in small groups.  We will examine language barriers that have to do with us as instructors, not with our learners. Even the most well-meaning educators unknowingly use unnecessarily complex language that excludes people.


Break                    10:15am-10:30am


1.25                        10:30am-11:45am: Strategies for Taking Anxiety Out of Math for Fearful Students

This session will provide several strategies to use with math-anxious or math-frustrated students in Adult Ed. Specific reasoning and brainstorming activities will be demonstrated, and apps for virtual instruction will be discussed. Many adult learners come to us because of deep-seated issues with learning that may be rooted in childhood or high school, and this is especially true in math. This presentation will help give the teacher strategies to bridge the gap.


Break for Lunch 11:45am-12:15pm


1.25                        12:15pm-1:15pm: Access America: Supporting Immigrant Integration via the Online Language Classroom

Have you heard the exciting news? USA Learns (, the FREE website that teaches English to adults around the world, recently added a new course – Access America! We hope you can join our presentation to learn about this innovative web-based instructional resource that helps immigrant and refugee English learners access America and integrate into their communities using interactive language learning opportunities. During the presentation, participants will learn to use this FREE resource to support learners’ language learning and integration goals. Participants will learn about the overall USA Learns website, and you will hear from an experienced teacher who will share hands-on practical strategies for engaging learners and best practices that will help you get up and running quickly. Thanks for joining us!


1:15pm Wrap Up and Evaluations


Total: 3.75 SCECHs

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