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For over 35 years, the Michigan Association of Adult & Community Education (MACAE), has represented the administrators, executives, teachers, instructors, support staff, volunteers and workforce development professionals across the State of Michigan. 

MACAE is dedicated to representing professionals (administrators and directors, support staff and instructional staff) in adult, alternative, community education/ early child­care and enrichment and workforce development training and credentialing.  We continue to be dedicated to growing our membership among diverse groups and representing all of the populations they serve. We can do that best if you join our efforts.

Consider becoming a MACAE member or returning to MACAE with your membership. We believe you will find an organization made up of very dedicated professionals who share a belief system that leads to community improvement and empowerment. 

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Our MACAE Membership runs on an annual basis from July 1-June 30 in a given year.  Sign up today to take full advantage of your benefits! 

Professional Level- $275

Includes: Full or Part Time Administrators (Principal, Director, Manager, Supervisor,
Coordinator, CEO, Consultant) ($275), 

Associate Level- *Take advantage of our special offer by September 30th*- $99 (Buy one associate membership, get one free)  

Includes registration for Teachers, Program Assistants or other support staff. Also includes Retirees no longer working in the field.
(Buy one membership at $99, get one free through September 30th.  Purchase Order and Invoices must be requested by this date to ensure discount is applied. Starting October 1st, the associate membership is Buy one, get one half off (the first membership is $99 and the second at $49.50))

Discounted membership- $150 

This membership level is for programs that receive less than $70,000 in total budget (Includes One professional and four associate level memberships).



Professional Development  

  • Monthly Workshops on best practices information 
  • Webinars on pertinent and timely matters 
  • Regular communications and updates on statewide initiatives 
  • Annual Fall Conference
  • SCECHs for K-12 administrator and teacher certification renewal
  • Resource sharing and access to statewide list serve of providers 
  • Professional Networking Opportunities with practitioners from across the state and around the country. 
  • Membership to the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) 

Professional Networking

  • Statewide Collaborations  and Partnerships 
  • Resource Sharing and access to statewide list serve for providers 
  • Participation in one of our standing Committees: Adult Basic Education/Literacy, Alternative Education, Community Education, High School Equivalency, Advocacy and Workforce Development 
  • Monthly updates/MACAE Membership newsletter 
  • Membership Survey and findings: best practices, innovative ideas, etc. 


  • Access to professional development documentation and resources/handouts 
  • Full time office staff for member troubleshooting and support  
  • Membership Directory and Updates 

Membership Recognition

  • Nominate fellow peers for statewide recognition at Annual Awards Celebration 
  • Recognition on social media and member profiles 
  • Access to professional job posting and sharing 
  • Appointments to Key State-Level Workgroups


  • Membership to COABE
  • Recommendations to Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity for improved outcomes and delivery of services 
  • Membership Representation:
    • State Board of Education
    • Michigan Department of Education (MDE)
    • Michigan Department of Health and Human Resources
    • Local school boards, local workforce development boards 
    • Michigan After School Partnership Steering Committee (MASP)
    • Regional adult education meetings in all ten prosperity regions
    • Section 107 Taskforce  

Membership Discounts

  • All Professional Development Offerings
  • Special Events
  • Fall Conference Registration
  • Annual Voting Privileges
  • Nominate Candidates for MACAE Board and Officers
  • Vote for Regional Representative to MACAE Board
  • Vote for President, Vice President and Member-At-Large Candidates
  • Vote on MACAE By-Law Changes

MACAE Committees: ( Meetings with Peers and State Leaders each month)

  • Adult Basic Education/Literacy 
  • Alternative Education
  • Community Education: Enrichment, Recreation and Before/Afterschool Care 
  • High School Equivalency/High School Completion 
  • Advocacy 
  • Workforce Development