Resources for Adult, Alternative, Community Education and Workforce Training Partners

If you are looking for information to help with research, help in your program administration, finding more information on an organization, attending professional development or investigating what is out there for adult, alternative, community education or workforce training we have a great place to start! Below are resources that we find are helpful to program administrators

Adult Education Overview and Information for Directors:

New Directors Training

Career Pathways:

Career Pathways Toolkit: A Guide for System Development (A Resource of the U.S. Department of Labor) 


Spring Institute 2022 Resources: 

FINAL- March 17th MACAE Virtual Spring Institute Agenda

FINAL- March 18th MACAE Virtual Spring Institute Agenda

Preparation Inside Poverty

National Alternative Education Association Exemplary Practices

Pathways to Credentials for MACAE 3.16.2022

Partnering with a Local Bank to Increase Students’ Financial Knowledge

MACAE Keynote Address: Dr. Sue Carnell Michigan Department of Education presentation for March 17

Addressing the Needs of LGBTQ+ Students PowerPoint

Addressing LGBTQ+ Studnet Needs- Laying the Foundation Training Video Links

Project Based Learning

Student Learning Objectives- Disciplinary Literacy_ Meaningful Assessments of Student Growth in Teacher Evaluation

Engaging Opportunity Youth

What’s New With Burlington English?  IET Plan Goals IH-016-203_Flyer_IET_ESC

What’s New With Burlington English? IH-016-501_Burlington Grammar User Guide

What’s New With Burlington English? – Burlington Grammar

MAERS Mid-Year Review

Helping Refugees- MACAE Conference 2022

Student Advocacy- Raising Student Voices

The Integration of Digital Literacy in Adult Education Programming: Digital Literacy_VFINAL_3.16.2022 (1)

2022 Michigan GED Adult Educators – All About Accomodations

Building Bridges- Better Practices in Correctional and Reentry Education- MACAE 2022

Workforce Development Networking- Junior Achievement Inspire Educator Brochure – SA

Workforce Development Networking PPT

Workforce Development Networking- Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Presentation MACAE March 2022

Workforce Development Networking- Sample Career Action Plan

Workforce Development Networking- Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Presentation MACAE March 2022

The State of Adult Education

A+ Monitoring PPT

A+ Monitoring Sample Certifications Document (Blank)


A+ Monitoring Sample Program Staff Feedback Form: Staff Feedback (

Using Data and Assessments to Improve Agency Performance

Grants, Gratitude, and Galas-3.pdf