Since 1983, the Michigan Adult, Community and Alternative Education (MACAE) Association has provided professional development, resources and training, best practices sharing and networking opportunities for adult, alternative community education leaders and workforce development professionals. We are a grass roots organization, organized by practitioners, helping other practitioners.

What remains at the mission of what we do is to provide quality professional development, offer leadership and networking opportunities, engage in strategic partnerships, share resources, and advocate for the needs of the participants we serve.

Today our membership is strong with over 120 active member agencies and over 450 individual practitioners from directors, coordinators, teachers and instructional support staff to employment specialists to community support workers.


Our mission is to engage in partnerships, provide member support and advocate for lifelong learning, leading to employment and self-sufficient families.


To provide a cohesive framework for community education through collaboration and guidance at the local, state and federal level.


  • We provide a positive voice for our learners.
  • We recognize the value of employment and self-sufficient families.
  • We embrace continuous improvement and always look for better ways to provide services.
  • Partnerships make us stronger
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Adult education, alternative education, community education and workforce development partners can ensure that program participants have increased opportunities for success in the 21st century and are part of a pipeline to build a skilled workforce by:

  • Bridging the Skills Gap by achieving educational outcomes for those at the foundational levels of learning
    • Helping participants earn a High School Equivalency
    • Increasing literacy for the lowest level adults in Michigan
    • Bridging generational education loss
    • Increasing access and equity to Digital Literacy Skills and online learning
  • Increasing Employment and Economic Stability
    • Enhancing the skilled workforce for in-demand, high need jobs
    • Working with local workforce partners to create pathways
  • Preparing for Higher Education, Training and Credentialing
    • Working with local employers, workforce development partners and Michigan Works! to provide internships, apprenticeships, etc.
    • Providing onsite education and career training
    • Transitioning immigrants to the workforce
  • Connecting Adults and Families with Needed Essential Services
    • Connecting families to resources for affordable housing, transportation and childcare
    • Helping youth and adults to navigate complex systems in healthcare, food assistance and case management
  • Building Resilient Communities
    • Increasing civic engagement and citizenship
    • Providing flexible learning options that address basic needs of families
    • Increasing parent involvement in their children’s education