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For technical assistance with our membership, please reach out to our MACAE Office at macaeoffice@gmail.com or 517-492-1367.   

For nearly 40 years, the Michigan Association of Adult & Community Education (MACAE), has represented the administrators, executives, teachers, instructors, support staff, volunteers and workforce development professionals across the State of Michigan.

MACAE is dedicated to representing professionals (administrators and directors, support staff and instructional staff) in adult, alternative, community education/ early child­care and enrichment and integrated education and training and credentialing.  We continue to be dedicated to growing our membership among diverse groups and representing all of the populations they serve. We can do that best if you join our efforts.

Consider becoming a MACAE member or returning to MACAE with your membership. We believe you will find an organization made up of very dedicated professionals who share a belief system that leads to community improvement and empowerment.

Our MACAE Membership runs on an annual basis from July 1-June 30 in a given year.  Sign up today to take full advantage of your benefits!

MACAE is dedicated to its membership through advocacy alerts, quality professional development, networking and the resource sharing of best practices, strategic planning support, regular communications, and timely focus group connections.

The 2023-24 organizational rates for MACAE will be as follows:

2023-2024 MACAE Membership Pricing:

All virtual professional development offerings are included with MACAE membership. Additional pricing for Annual Fall Conference, Spring Institute and other events is specified below.  This list may not be exhaustive and may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Individual Membership (does not include any virtual professional development): $300

All other membership levels include unlimited virtual professional development opportunities:

Individual Membership with Professional Development: $375

Organizational Rate for 2-3 persons: $550

Organizational Rate for 4 persons: $650

Organizational Rate for 5-6 persons: $750

Organizational Rate for 7-9 persons: $900

Organizational Rate for 10-14 persons: $1200

Organizational Rate for 16-19 persons: $1600

Organizational Rate for 20 and above: $2000

Nonprofit Literacy Agency (Below $70,000 annual adult education budget): $200 for three persons

Community Education Department: $200 for three persons

Retired Members: $40

MACAE will host professional webinar opportunities throughout the year on the following topics and these are included as a part of your membership: Teacher Reflection Tools and Strategies, Diversity/Equity Inclusion in Decision Making, Utilizing Data Tools, Universal Design for Learning, Google Tools, Student Retention, Data Best Practices, Institutional Programming, Enrichment Programming, etc.   These webinars are included free with membership.

Additional Professional Development Costs for 2023-2024:

MACAE 2024 Virtual Spring Institute (two day experience): April 2024: $200

Strategic Planning Support: $750 (includes three strategic planning sessions with your program)

Cost for Non-Members to attend MACAE webinars: $50

Cost for Non-Members to attend MACAE in-person one-day training: $150