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2024 MACAE Virtual Spring Institute

Thursday-Friday, April 18 & 19. 2024

VIRTUAL via Zoom

The MACAE 2024 Virtual Spring Institute offers in-depth training for instructors and administrators on Thursday and Friday, April 18 and 19. The topic sessions will focus on instructional strategy needs in high-need areas for learner engagement, teacher best practices for in-person and virtual learning, a look at current student navigational support, integrated education and training and more. Sessions are recorded so even if you can’t attend live you can still watch the recording.

This conference is open to all adult, alternative, community education and workforce development professionals. It will be virtual using Zoom. Each morning, conference participants will receive an agenda for the day with the appropriate zoom links to each session. SCECHS will be available for participants.

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Special Keynote Speaker: Tik Tok Sensation Oliver James!

Oliver James is a Tik Tok sensation and motivational speaker. In his TikTok videos, Oliver often
introduces himself by saying “I’m a 35-year-old man who struggles with reading.” However, it wasn’t long ago that he would say “I can’t read.” James talks about his journey of struggling through ADHD and other learning disabilities, being placed in a segregated special education program, becoming justice impacted, leading to him being thirty years old and functionally illiterate.

He opens up about many deep struggles he has gone through with learning to read and his mental

Session Topics: The following topics are currently available.

  • Navigating Your ProLiteracy Account & New Readers Press
  • Utilizing CANVA in your Classrooms and Programs
  • IEPs and 504s in Adult and Alternative Classrooms
  • Days and Hours Waiver
  • Create the Coolest Websites ON YOUR OWN using Google Sites!
  • GED Bootcamp 101: How To Focus Instruction Using GED Boot Camps
  • GED Math for Non-math certified teachers
  • Increasing RLA Skills, Five to Ten Minutes At a Time
  • Fund Development Strategies that Build Capacity in Adult Learning
  • MAERS Reports for Teachers
  • Online Graduation Audits; The Best Way to Store and Share the Breakdown of HS Credits!
  • The Citizenship Process & Integrating Citizenship Skills into the ESL Class
  • Working with Dyslexic Students and Students with Reading Difficulties.
  • Fostering Strong Teaching Relationships for New IET Programs
  • Educate & Elevate: Talking to Your Elected Officials About the Need for Adult Education Funding and Programming
  • Training and Empowering Student Ambassadors
  • Facilitating Adult Learning: An Andragogy Workshop
  • Cause We Are Living in a Digital World: Virtual Classrooms, Offices, and Meetings using Zoom and Google Docs
  • Social Media 101: Leveraging Platforms to Elevate Your Adult Education Program
  • Embracing AI in Education: Transformative Strategies for Classroom Integration
  • Advancing Financial Literacy for Adult Learners
  • Digital Literacy 10 minutes at a time with EdTech Routines
  • Get Ready For the New CASAS STEPS Assessment with BurlingtonEnglish
  • Create Micro-Credentials with Project-Based Curriculum and Simulations for Enhanced Learning Outcomes

Those who register will have access to go back and watch recordings and earn SCECHs in total for the conference through the end of June 2024. After registration, participants will receive a live link to the recordings or a link to recorded videos post event date.

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Conference At a Glance:

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Friday, April 19, 2024